Monday, May 4, 2009

BAO NECCI Danilo Bakery

516 Green Street between columbus and grant

I have been here before and it was pretty tasty, so a lovely sunny day a few friends were looking for a sando i suggested Bao Necci. Why not, outside seating was available so after ordering we perched outdoors by the window.
Having been here before I knew they werent quick, so after 15 minutes had passed and 3 sandos were not ready, I figured eh they are busy give em a break. After about 25 minutes we were wondering wtf eh? About that time the little mafioso who took our order saw us through the window. A look of recognition came over his face and he immediately hightailed it back to the kitchen. Problem solved we think. Lost order, bad translator in the kitchen, whatever, its sunny and none of us are in an office currently. Could be worse, sanduskys will arrive soon. It was a good thought anyway.

Baby mafia obviously hits the ganja farm pretty hard because this little bleached hair penne pasta purveyor had totally spaced on our order! Vafanculo! short term memory loss luigi?

These i imagine are his thoughts: (eh, lookat'a that'a guy with'a the shave head...i bet he a hungreeah guy....i tink i see him'a here'a yesterday'a...or was that today'a? i fohghetta whereza me rolling papers, i gonna build a nice spliff....whatsa those guys lookin at? maybe they ordera someting, i gotta headache...thank'a god mi papa owns'a this'a place, i shoulda be fired)

This being freaking AMERICA we do as any redblooded american males would do, send in my friends girlfriend to raise hell with the stoner mafia. We got sandos and an apology from the mama-san of the house. Though one sando was supposed to be eggplant and it was salamie, we couldnt fight the pure bakedness of the itals, which as a former deli worker i totally respect.

Lest i forget the actual sando, damn good. I got a mortadella w sundried and pesto w all the fixings. Delicious. Bread is wider than it is long so it can throw off the eye at first glance, dont worry they come fairly strong. Quality ingredients, usually ital soccer on tv. Kind of a cafe bakery as well so they only have like 8 sando options but the ones i have seen and tried were grand.

Just sit inside and stay on top of them, make eye contact, let them know, that you know, they are totally baked and forgot your whole order.

3/5 Bongrips in the deli cooler


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