Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sando in the sun

Mission Rock - SOMA/Mission Bay/Sea Shanty Row

Shrimp Po Boy

I am not a rich man, but I'm also not a Po Boy. But if it came down to it, I would rather eat a Po Boy than a Rich Man. A shrimp Po Boy that is.

Mission Rock, a popular weekend club hang out for a rather different breed of night-grinders has recently opened up its downstairs kitchen for daytime samich grinders. The difference between these grind tribes is significant believe you me, but that discussion is for another time. Either way....its some serious grinding. Uuuuhhhhhhh (aggressive pelvic thrust)!!

The Shrimp Po Boy itself was quite pleasing with a skipper's bounty of crispy fried shrimps, topped with some lettuce shit and some saucy cocktail sauce. The shrimp seemed to be quality/fresh and the frying done was not too greasy - not even a soak stain on the buns! Speaking of buns, these were your archetypical buns of the Po Boy genre (not too hard or crunchy, but larger for the poor hungry man- very astute thinking on MR's end). Accompanying this fine samich-of-the-sea were some irregularly cut french fries - an exotic hybrid of the tater tot and potato wedge. At first I thought they were donut holes or something!! But nope, they were potatoes, and they were damn good wingmen for the sando - an impressive flavor duo that had me interested at first taste.

However the most pleasing aspect of my experience at Mission Rock was watching the crane on the dry dock lift heavy shit and swivel around while I suckled on some cold Coronas. The wide open views of the bay and Oakland in the distance are also enjoyable. And did I tell you about the wildlife?? They got real birds out there, and not just your mangy crumb scavenging sky-rats. And after the giant doobtron shared among friends pre-meal, it was a great fucking lunch. Especially when we saw Radioactive Fish Boy slither out of the water into an abandoned sea shanty with a big ol' fish in his mouth, that's when we got really fucking amped.

So on your next longer lunch in agreeable weather, forgo the crowds at the Ramp and check out Mission Rock. And holler at the Fish Boy! He seems to lead a lonely life.....

Hungrily Yours,

Sir Grindalot

2 fishboy fins up!

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