Monday, April 27, 2009


Now I am a working man, and a working man sometimes needs a hearty grind that he knows well and can trust when hunger is knocking at his belly-step. He doesn’t need fancy-pants hard to pronounce sandwich. In fact, he doesn’t even need to say a word at all – just a shout out to 3 simple letters: B.L.T.

Today I swooped in on some lunch action at Bayside Market, a branch of the RJ’s econo-yuppie markets scattered about the realms of the financial district. Now I have had some bad experiences with this particular grocery-delicatessen, but some fellow and respectable grinders told me that the problem was me, not the Bayview. Now that is a bullshit sandwich if I ever heard of one…..who designs a hot chicken breast so slippery it pinches out of the buns on first bite contact?? HUH? A fucking sandwich moron – that’s who. Come on! Slice that damn breast, it is a simple solution! Also, why does it smell like garbage in there far too often and why did that salad with too many baco-bits make me have a sickly baby belly for nearly a month? Aye there are many unanswered questions about this place indeed. But lest I get off track, I need to forget about that slip-sliding hot breastie and my other grievances and move forward.

Yes today was a certainly a bright new day at Bayview, I dismissed prior grub infractions and arrived with an open mind and a mighty appetite. The astonishingly school lunch-lady-like lunch ladies interrupted their smoke break to make me fine piece of BLT ass. Now let me get on to the actual sandwich!

The first thing to note, and not surprisingly, is the quality bacon Bayview has got cooking. On days with a blustery southward breeze, a hint of bacon essence can be sniffed up to 4 blocks away downwind – which is great, albeit dangerous. This bacon is thick sliced and not dry and crusty, a big no-no for BLT bound bacon. They give the generous quantity of strips (» 9 strips) an additional zap in the microwave as well to get it sweating hot flavor. The T was also well-played with fresh tomatoes sliced a bit larger than normal due to its headlining ingredient status. The lettuce was lettuce but also crucial to the combo. I put the B, the L, and the T in a fine loaf of Dutch crunch lathered in mayo. Yes siree, I was very happy with this BLT, it was delicious, easy to eat and filling and was one of the cheapest options available on the menu ($5.99). So if you are thinking – “Hey what kind of unoriginal lunch-doosh takes time to review perhaps one of the most common sandos of all time?” you just don’t understand - this was one hell of a BLT treat.

4/5 Grind Medallions (I have added an extra medallion due to the slandering I gave them on the store smell and hot shit breast sando – they are lucky I can show mercy)

RJ’s Bayview Market – Brannan and Embarcadero

Forever Grinding,

Sir GrindAlot

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