Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Samich with Seoul

Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich; $8.10: Korean BBQ Chicken, mozzarella, soft bun

Hahn's Hibachi
1710 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109-3617

Ahhh, BBQ; a thing of beauty. Marinated meat and flame, it is part of the primordial experience that has been in our DNA since the discovery of tools, fire, and masturbation.
Therefore, Korean BBQ combined into a Samich is an important notch in our evolutionary belt. Ya know those strange monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey?....made from Korean BBQ samiches.
Hahn's Hibachi pays homage with their BBQ Chicken samich.

Similar to the Philly Cheesesteak, this tasty samich consists of tender Korean BBQ'd chicken (beef also available) with melted mozzarella, all between soft bread. The gooey cheese adds a nice mellowness to the bold flavor of the chicken, while the bread is just the right thickness to keep everything together. One of the cleanest eating samiches around. Absence of lettuce and tomato was slightly off-putting, as they would've added a nice, crisp freshness to the assertively savory samich.

Overall, Hahn's Hibachi is a classic and consistent standby, whose samiches (and BBQ) I've been enjoying for years. Nothing beats a Hahn's samich after watching a couple rounds of hobo-fisticuffs on the 19 Polk bus line. Is it the greatest-all-time samich, made by a human? No, but it's simple, tasty, and comforting without the frills and glamour. It's Korean BBQ and Samich....need I say more?

3.5 / 5 mysterious samich monoliths

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