Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If this was prison you would be dead already

Sandwich: Subway Meatball 6 inch sub

Ingredients: Marinara, meatballs, swiss cheese, peppers, olive, jalapenos on white bread.

Location: These places are fucking everywhere

I joined some friends for lunch in downtown San Francisco today. I wasn’t left with many options for samiches so I went to Subway to get the samich that helped me get through many a munchie session in high school and college. Well, my altered state of consciousness must have been doing something for me because this samich sucks my balls. I have no idea why I ate this sammie so many times. The only bright part was the meatballs and I am only saying that because as I write this I have neither diarrhea or heart burn. Kudos Subway! My sandwich artist did a fine job stacking the sandwich with condiments so I guess I can compliment them on that as well. Other than that, things went south quite quickly. This sandwich becomes a mushy and uncontrollable mess after the first bite and they only give you four meatballs. Four Fucking Meatballs! If this was the only meatball sandwich on the market I bet it would be pretty good. Yet, when you have other meatballrific options (I plan to do a follow up with a worthy one) across the city you have to be real. By real I mean that if this was prison this sandwich would have already been;

1) Gang Raped in the shower
2) Made someone’s bitch
3) Or stabbed in the kidneys with a shiv out on the yard

Step your game up Subway.

2 out of 10 Golden Pickles

Sandwich Destruction

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  1. I must say I concur with this postage, this sando and Jared Fogle should get gang raped in the shower then shiv'd for skimping on meatballs. It's the fucking title of your samich, you can't SKIMP on meatballs.