Monday, April 6, 2009

George's Zoo Liquor & Deli Review

Samich Name: RJ’s Invention

Place: George’s Zoo Liquor & Deli

Located at Sloat and 44th Ave.

Price: $6.99 with free fountain drink.

The hunger pains were striking after a morning at the beach, and I was craving a sando from Java Beach at OB. However, after meeting up with Falco (beach n bongloads) who is local to the Sloat and 45th St. area, he mentioned George’s Zoo as being a better sando and priced more affordably. This deli is a chronic little spot if you are headed to the beach or just fungry for grindage. The two guys in there were super friendly and after I ordered RJ’s Invention, he said I’m gonna love this sandwich and I’ll come back for another one. They have been serving this sando for 20 years but I’ve never heard of a Pastrami Chicken Salad combo before. He was right, I will go back.

RJ’s Inventions

This masterpiece consists of deli sliced pastrami and smoked cheddar with chicken salad smeared inside. I got it will all the trimmins; lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo and mustard on wheat. He piled the pastrami on and then the creamy chicken salad evenly gooped on top. A very fresh sando with a meaty creamy clean finish and you get a free fountain soda with your samich.

4 / 5 Gorilla Patties

Big Ed

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