Monday, March 23, 2009

A discussion on Tortas

A few grind contemporaries ventured to the Mission during the lunch hour. This conversation occured upon the return to work.

Sandwich Destruction: Let the torta discussion commence!!!!
Sir Grindsalot: torta, how do I describe thee
Sir Grindsalot: ?
Cabbage: i think add avocado was a great topper
Cabbage: i would go no hot dog next time tho
Sandwich Destruction: And that it is inluded sans cost is a great treat
Sir Grindsalot: A base of queso fresca, creamy avocado, delicious bun platform and authentic tortan meats make for sure fire samwich satisfaction
Sir Grindsalot: but with so many slippery ingredients, it was high danger samwich fault zone - especially under the pressure of my hungry hands
Sandwich Destruction: I was plesantly surprised by the jalapenos, fresh condiments, and bread selection
Sir Grindsalot: everyone in there was latino as well, a good sign of latino eats
Cabbage: from an initial lack of customers we witness'd a rush of open border proportions
Sir Grindsalot: samwich immigrants risking their hunger
Sir Grindsalot: for better tortas
Sir Grindsalot: and how bout those breaded meats?!!!
Sandwich Destruction: breaded chicken was a revelation
Sandwich Destruction: but next time I need to try the breaded beef
Sandwich Destruction: BREADED BEEF!!!!
Sir Grindsalot: basically there is the bun bread....and then there is a meat bread - thin layer of casa-style cooking
Sandwich Destruction: What a concept!
Cabbage: Tortas Los Picudos
Sir Grindsalot: i think it is best to let them decide what they want to put on your torta
Sir Grindsalot: they are the experts
Sir Grindsalot: no mas pregunatas
Sir Grindsalot: unless they are calling a hot dog weiner a mexican sausage
Sandwich Destruction: I was impressed by the food and will be returning for a future grind but I am going to give this 3/5 chubby chicle saleschildren
Sir Grindsalot: I think I would give them the 4 - authentic torta grind in pleasant location
Cabbage: 3/5
Sandwich Destruction: then it has been settled
Cabbage: random hot dog knocked em down
Sir Grindsalot: excellente
Sir Grindsalot: haha
Sandwich Destruction: what was the name of the place again?
Sir Grindsalot: you love hot dogs though!? whats the problem senor
Sir Grindsalot: Tortas Los Picudos
Sir Grindsalot: 24th n Alabama
Cabbage: didnt mix with the rest of it
Cabbage: but not hard to remove
Cabbage: rest was gr8
Cabbage: name your sando
Cabbage: i had the cubana
Cabbage: mexican sausage is actualyl a hot dog
Sandwich Destruction: I had the breaded chicken
Sir Grindsalot: I had the Res/Milanesa aka Breaded Beef Torta

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