Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yeah, I was in the shit

BBQ Pork Banh Mi sandolero.
def banh mi: vietnamese sando, using a french baguette type bread, sliced carrots and cucumber ribbons, w choice of meat, maybe some sauces not really sure what goes on back there.

I will be honest, i used to hit this place up all the time, then noticed a drop in the flavor i cut em out of my vittles rotation....yesterday i was all irished out and didnt want sams burger as much as i thought when i rambled over there....viet it is, and the banh mi is back with a vengance
To me that means authentic smoked/bbq flavor, no thick chunked -but thinly sliced lean pork, & plenty of it!
try Vietnam Restaurant on Broadway just west of Columbus. They grill pork to order for their banh mi. the freshly grilled meat raises their pork banh mi to a different level.
sandwiches are huge and awesome... lots of pickled carrots, cilantro, pork... the perfect balance...drop some Srriracha on it and its a southeast asian/french disco in your mouth! (no homo) oh and their chia gao is ridiculous. price = cheap

4/5 pickles



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  2. I love MAMA's samiches, cheap and tasty.