Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just like Ed's

Toaster Oven
145 2nd St
(between Minna St & Natoma St)
Tastes almost exactly like Ed's Subs from san mateo back in the day, way back apparently cuz the interweb has no record of ed's...
oh well, ed's took forever, barely time to get baked before u have to be in 5th period.....

The team at toasties work it like Henry Ford and the boys before evil robots took our jobs on that working mans paradise they call an assembly line....Seriously, they can handle 20 people in 8 minutes! Everybody has a job, spreads/breads, meats, toastiermeister, vegg additions, cash n bag man. Solid performance guarantees a delectable bite each and every time....could be a tad bit bigger for your hard earned but they are not short on flavor fellow grindlers....whatever u get, get it with jalapenos, shit is nice son.

3.5/5 toaster jovens


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