Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sandwich Assassin vs Avocado Ninja – A Review of Marina Submarine (2299 Union St)

The Avocado Ninja rules the Union Street sandwich kingdom with an iron fist. He alone commands this bastion of culinary excellence except for whatever 17 year old high school drop-out he has working the register. He wields a sushi quality knife and dismembers avocado after avocado in front of your very eyes. The sandwich goes something like this: long sub roll, choice of meat, cheese, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, white onion, and a “secret” sauce. After that, it’s placed in an oven and toasted to perfection while the cheese melts and you’re left with heroin………… in sandwich form.

On this day the Assassin did battle with a medium turkey/provolone and defeated it soundly. The mediums here are pretty large and the larges are ridiculous. The Italian is also very solid and the meatball is downright filthy. Just ask old man Candy as he’s been stuffing his pie-hole here for damn near 40 years.

Moral of the story……….if you want a delicious toasted sub with a bunch of avocado (half avo per sandwich at least) and are willing to drop $7-$9, this is the spot. Beware, the line is long so a phone order definitely helps and all they take is cash. That’s just how the Yakuza roll.

4 out of 5 poisoned shurikens

Sandwich Assassin

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