Monday, March 16, 2009

A review from Sir GrindAlot

Twas a dark a dreary monday and the motivation and spirit to carry-on was at a low. I knew the only thing that could provide comfort was a samwhich of the likes that only nobility may grind. Several of my sandwich friends and myself decided to embark on an aggressive grind offensive. At 1130 the sandwhich carriage led us to a magical land of grindable bounty, also known as Ike's. I targeted the reliable, trustworthy, not to mention delectable 16th and Market to make me happy.

Now, I am no stranger to this tasty ensemble, but the lesson I took home today was that bacon, shredded halal chicken, and avocado make a fucking great team - a model for success at any level. They work together for a common good of taste, and with the regulars of lettuce, tomato, sauces, and yellow pepper - everyone gets a piece of the tastation - all between chew friendly Dutch Crunch buns.

I went at it fast and hard, it was gone quickly - but there was no disappointment here. I feel great and am being really cool to everyone right now.

Grind on samigos!!!

Rating: 4/5 Grind Medallions

Sir GrindAlot

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